Corporate Services

Corporate Services

Powerful music and powerful initiatives

  • Music Marketing Consulting
  • Music Event
  • Project Production
  • Keynote Speaking

“If a picture is worth a thousand words, a good song is worth a million campaigns.”

Alison Ball

Music Consulting

Music Consulting

Helping brands harness the power of

Marrying brand initiatives to this medium in the right way, can yield millions in profit and years of consumer loyalty. I help marketing teams harness music properly to curate their benefits and brand personality.

Music and promotional

I help marketers design music performances—-as unforgettable promotional events for prospects and existing customer bases. Also, private entertainment events for employees and company brass.

Producing your own

Do it right. Bring in a pro. Smart companies leverage my 30yrs of project development experience in the music business, to produce their own, uniquely branded music projects. This sets them apart from competitors.

Corporate Speaking Engagements

"After decades of corp and exec experience, I have a lot to say."

Alison Ball


  • Core Insights: The Magic of Music in Marketing Initiatives

  • The Powerful Corporate Woman: How To Be One
  • Tailored Talks: I will shape an address to the specific needs/challenges of your teams.