Artist Development

Artist Mission: More epic artists ‘now.’

Despite our new digital landscape, epic artists and songs are still hard to come by. Yet, when a true musical gem is unleashed from obscurity, our lives get radically, beautifully, changed forever. I find these musical gems. I polish them up. I match them to the right brands, in the right way, for the right projects.
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Corporate Services

Music Consulting: Helping brands harness the power of music.

Marrying brand initiatives to this medium in the right way, can yield millions in profit and years of consumer loyalty. I help marketing teams harness music properly to curate their benefits and brand personality.
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Currently: CEO of Alicat Media • President of TuneGo • Former V.P. of A&R Warner Brothers Records • Worked at EMI, RCA, CBS, Sony • Mother, Wife, and Culinary Guru.

Alison Ball has been an unstoppable phenomenon in the entertainment industry for nearly 30-years. The current President of TuneGo Music Technology, former V.P. of A&R at Warner Brothers Records has transcended, from music business guru to music “Big Data” leader.


Aspiring Artists: Prepare Yourself To Win

Bringing great music to the world is my hourly, daily, lifelong mission. It’s a passion, not just career – a life purpose.

“The Big Record Label Meeting; How To Be Ready!”

Join us for a critically important conversation with former VP of A&R  Warner Bros. Records, Alison Ball-Kilmer.


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